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Aiming to develop safe driving habits?  Sign-up for adult driving courses at Push Start Driving School. Located in the heart of San Mateo, we’ve successfully helped many adults learn how to drive, improve their driving skills or get familiar with driving in the US.

Our driving instructors are calm, patient, and caring instructors who understand that it takes time and effort to become a responsible driver, and want to help you feel at ease driving.

At Push Start Driving School, we have newer vehicles with modern amenities such as lane assist, brake assist, rear view cameras, etc.

Whether you require adult driving lessons for the first time or want to brush up your skills, our driving lessons are geared at training you to become a safe and skilled driver.

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Professional Driving Instructors for Adults in San Mateo

Push Start Driving School is located in San Mateo, and offers driving lessons in Burlingame, Belmont, Foster City,  San Carlos, San Mateo, and other nearby cities. Our emphasis is on helping our students learn the correct way to drive while respecting the road regulations and considering the safety of other drivers on the road.

2-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour Driving Courses for Adults and DMV Road Test for Adults

If you aim to pass the DMV drive test with confidence, we suggest the 6-hour adult driving course for you. We will cover mirror setup (look for blind spots), turning, lane changes, merging, scanning, hand positioning, vehicle dynamics, braking, u-turns, right of way, backing up, parallel parking, freeway driving, and much more.  

If you have some driving experience, then a 2-hour or 4-hour course may be sufficient.  We’ll assess your driving skills during the first lesson and customize the lessons for you.  

You may also rent our cars to take to the DMV drive test.  We’ll practice with you then accompany you to the DMV for the drive test.  

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Recent Google Review

“Kenny and Alan were awesome. They are experienced, professional, and also fun! They gave me valuable tips and tricks for general driving as well as for during the test. I had a smooth and easy experience practicing and obtaining my license. I would recommend them to all new/ inexperienced/ experienced drivers to hone their driving or obtain their license. Thanks Kenny and Alan!” – Srinidhi B

If you are an adult and require driving lessons to become a skilled, safe driver, Push Start Driving School has a driving course for you. Enroll now!