Driving Lessons in San Mateo County

Get tailored driving lessons in San Mateo County to stay updated with all the latest and basic traffic rules. We have 6 hours driving lesson packages for beginners or those who require a refresher course. Each lesson is 2-hour long and we’ll pick you up from your house, workplace, or school. Get started today!

Professional Driving Lessons

Push Starting Driving School offers Teen and Adult behind-the-wheel packages conducted by professional driving teachers.

We keep our learners updated on the latest traffic rules and provide personalized driving lessons to help our students drive safely on the road.  We understand that each student learns at a different pace and may have had different experiences.

Experienced Driving Instructors

All driving instructors at Push Start Driving School are highly-competent and have a wealth of experience in the field.  For teens, upon completing 6-hours of driving lessons, we issue the behind-the-wheel certificate of completion (DL400D) needed for the drive test.

2 Hour Lesson

2-hour driving lesson

$ 200

4 Hour Lesson Package

Two 2-hour driving lessons. Customized for you.

$ 400

6 Hour Lesson Package

Three 2-hour driving lessons.

$ 590

DMV Drive Test Car Rental with 30 minutes practice

Use the school's car for DMV Drive Test. Instructor accompanies you to the DMV.

$ 290

Deluxe Driving Package

Three 2-hour lessons and 1 DMV Drive Test Car Rental.

$ 880

DMV Drive Test Car Rental with 1 hour practice

Use the school's car for DMV Drive Test. Instructor accompanies you to the DMV.

$ 340

2 hour lesson Half Moon Bay or S.SF

$ 220

10 hours Package (5 Lessons) $50 savings

5 appointments (two hours each) of Behind the Wheel lessons. Includes freeway driving.

$ 950


  • Our service areas are from Redwood City up to South San Francisco.
  • For those taking public transportation or are commuting from outside our service area, we can arrange to pickup students from convenient locations to include the Caltrain, BART, Shopping plazas, and nearby school.
  • We can meet with students in the DMV parking lots.
  • Feel free to give us a call to arrange a driving plan that works for you.

    Enroll by calling or texting 650-539-3003.