Foster City Driving School

Foster City Driving School

Foster City Driving Lessons

We’ve been teaching folks to drive around Foster City for years now. Whether this is your first time behind the wheel or you’ve been driving in another country, we can help you feel more comfortable on the roads.

We know Foster City like the back of our hands. We’ll start you off in big empty parking lots so you can get used to steering and stopping. Then we’ll take you around the neighborhoods so you can get familiar with things like stop signs and other drivers. After that, it’s onto the main roads by Hillsdale Shopping Center, San Mateo College, and the local DMVs. Don’t worry, we’ll also show you the best ways to get on and off Highway 92 and 101 so you’ll be cruising with confidence in no time.

Part of the lessons also includes getting you prepared to pass your driver’s test at the CA DMV. We’ll make sure you have your six hours of training logged and know all the rules of the road. Our goal is to help you become a safe, responsible driver. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Recent Google Review

“I passed my driving test in first try. Kenny was my driving instructor. He is a very experienced and professional instructor and gave me great advice, tips and tricks during couple of lessons I took from him. He is highly recommended if you are looking for an instructor. Anna was great in communicating and coordinating everything.” – Mamata P

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