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Learning how to drive from a reliable and dependable driving school matters! We care about your safety on every lesson.

We understands that maybe it is your first driving experience or maybe you’re looking to improve particular aspects of driving.

Teens under 18 years old need 6-hours of driving lessons to obtain the behind-the-wheel certificate of completion (OL 400D) to take the driving test.

Trusted by over 650 students in 2023

“Push Start Driving School strives to be the best so that you will be the best.”

Practice as often as possible.

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2 Hour Lesson

1 appointment of two hours driving lesson.

4 Hour Lesson Package

2 appointments of two hours driving lessons.

$500 ($10 Savings)
Six Hour Lesson Package

3 appointments of two hours driving lessons.

DMV Drive Test Car Rental With 30 Minutes Practice Time

Rent a car for your DMV drive test appointment. Pick-up 60 minutes before test time.
3 hours for DMV Drive Test.

DMV Drive Test Car Rental With 60 Minutes Practice Time

Rent a car for your DMV Drive test.  Pick-up 90 minutes before test time.
3.5 hours for DMV Drive Test.

$800 ($50 Savings)
Five 2-Hour Driving Lessons

5 appointments of two-hour lessons. This provides excellent practice with our DMV certified instructors.

Driving Classes Are Available Now

Available Dates&TimesMorningAfternoon
Mon-Fri 7/1-7/5, 7/8-7/12, 7/15-7/1910:30am-12:30pm1:00pm-3:00pm
Sat June 2910:30am-12:30pm1:00pm-3:00pm
Sun June 309am-11am1:00pm-3:00pm
Sat July 68am-10am
Sun July 78am-10am
Sat July 138am-10am
Sun July 148am-10am


Trusted Driving Lessons For Your Teenagers

“Push Start is a first class driving school. Kenny is the best driving instructor possible, and I’ve had many! I highly recommend Push Start in the strongest possible terms.”


Nina P

“They taught me the points of driving gently and carefully. The feedback was concrete, accurate and actionable. Thank you so much!!!”

Saki O

“I took very helpful lessons and could pass the dmv drive test today!”

“I just passed my dmv driving test today, big thanks to Kenneth for guiding me all the way…kudos too for Ana and all the staff of Push Start Driving…highly recommended…awesome!!!!”

Warren D

“Guiding the next generation of drivers. Safety, skills, and success on every journey.”