South San Francisco Driving School

Aiming to develop safe driving habits? Enroll for professional driving courses at Push Start Driving School. Located in the heart of San Mateo County, we’ve taught teens and adults learn how to drive, improve their driving skills, or get familiar with driving in the US. Our driving instructors are calm, patient, and caring individuals who understand that it takes time and effort to become a responsible driver, and want to help you feel at ease driving.

Whether you require adult driving lessons for the first time or want to brush up your skills, our driving lessons are geared at training you to become a safe and skilled driver.

Professional Driving Instructors

Our emphasis is on helping our students learn the correct way to drive while respecting the road regulations and considering the safety of other drivers on the road.

At Push Start Driving School, we offer different types of driving courses and packages to our customers. A significant objective behind these packages is to provide custom driving lessons to each student. Apart from that, we allow students to choose a driving schedule from multiple options.

Lessons and DMV Road Test

If you aim to pass the DMV drive test with confidence, we suggest the 6-hour driving course for you. We will cover mirror setup, turning, lane changes, merging, scanning, hand positioning, vehicle dynamics, braking, u-turns, right of way, backing up, parallel parking, freeway driving, and much more. 

If you have some driving experience, then a 2-hour or 4-hour course may be sufficient.  We’ll assess your driving skills during the first lesson and customize the lessons for you. 

You will be provided with full attention to ensure that you master the skills to pass the drive test.  You may rent our cars to take the DMV drive test.  We’ll practice with you for 30 minutes then go with you to the DMV for the drive test.  We highly familiar with the Daly City DMV, San Mateo DMV, and Redwood City DMV.